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ten months of the year in london are d-r-e-a-m-y. like, spectacular. but january and february are pretty dang dreary. most days are super grey and the darkness (which is starting to wane, yay!) is tough. i am so excited for spots like this ^^ and so many others around the city to be bursting with blossoms!

i’m convinced that one of the best things possible to eat is: smashed up avocado mixed with a sprinkling of course seat salt, garlic powder, and cumin, plus a squeeze of lemon juice spread on a perfectly toasted slice of sourdough bread.

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about gradual progress. i’ve realized that hardly anything is instantaneous in life or in eternity - the world was created through a gradual process, christ’s atonement was performed through a gradual process, birth and death and growth and learning all usually happen through a gradual process. that’s how it’s all designed! i’m just trying to remember this whenever i feel that urgent niggle to change, to be better, to make immediate new years resolutions ;)

especially with the dreary weather, we are loving that we live so close to the v&a, science and natural history museums. i honestly don’t think i’ve ever seen moses as excited as he was the other day seeing animals in the natural history museum. he ran through the halls with outstretched arms and/or pointing fingers and making sounds of utter exultation and glee. it is so nice to have indoor space with cool stuff where little mo can scamper around to his heart’s desire.

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ian and i both enter the lottery for hamilton tickets every single day. maybe one of these days…?!

i have been soooo tired lately. it feels like some kind of cruel return of first trimester fatigue! i’m not sleeping super well at night (sometimes baby brother wakes me up - he’s an active little one!) and i kind of have to nap with moses some days. i’m trying to feed and condition my body better so i don’t feel quite as exhausted. but man, making a human - while chasing another spitfire one around! - is tiring! but holy cow i love doing both of those things so much.

one christmas present that ian gave me was two weekends all to myself - he had planned two little daddy date trips with moses! he told me i could do whatever i wanted (and even spend whatever i wanted - ha!) while they were away.  this past weekend the boys went on their first adventure, to the channel islands (jersey and guernsey). they had a pretty great time, and also some kind of wild times … which really made it a true gift to me in that ian learned a bit more about the challenges of taking care of an active toddler 24/7 ;) meanwhile, i slept in and then laid in bed watching the crown, got a pedicure and did some shopping around oxford circus, ran a bunch of errands and crossed off a bunch of things from my to-do list, and relished some alone time. all around a pretty awesome weekend!

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^^ on the plane and in the buggy on the islands! i love these two pictures so much. my heart is so full of love for my boys. ^^
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^^ ^^ i loved getting pictures texted to me from ian almost as much as i loved all the free time! ^^ ^^
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little mo just brings me so much joy everyday. i just can’t even stand how much i adore him. i have really been cherishing all my time with him lately — before i know it we will have another little boy along on all of our adventures!
some of moses’s latest:
-he’s saying more and more words. his mastered ones now are: mama, dada, baby, jesus, santa, banana, apple, cracker, cat, car, bye, rolo (the name of the dog that lives below us), bo (the name of my sister’s dog), bear, ball, and uh-oh.
-he scampers all around our flat and the sound of his pattering feet is probably my favourite sound in the world.
-he stopped breastfeeding starting with his daddy date trip. this is bittersweet for us, but it was time.
-he has now fallen down the stairs in our building twice - eek! every week there are more “bonks” and that’s just a part of our lives now with this adventurous boy!
-he is so so good at sharing. any time we ask him to share something with another kid he does it without hesitation and then goes to find another toy to bring to said kid. it is so sweet! we got a pure spirit from heaven in moses.
-the way he holds my hand, sits in my lap and rubs his heart to say i love you just melt me.

last friday we went to the temple, which was so great. it’s quiiiite a trek to get there (walk to tube to train to taxi; we left at 5:30 and got home at midnight), but it’s always worth it. we’ve been doing lots of babysitting swaps with friends that are also parents of young children, and it’s sooo great - makes childcare so much easier (mostly just waaaay less expensive!).

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i recently updated my world travel page with some of our travel plans for 2018. it’s wonderful to have some exciting (and warmer!) things to look forward to. we plan to slow our travel train down quite a bit with two kids — but also to never stop actively making travel a significant part of our life.

happy wednesday! life is beautiful!


  1. Time alone is the best gift ever!!

  2. One of my very BEST memories of when our daughter was little is of her aged 2 - charging through the NHM pointing out all the stuffed animals you have photographed with your little Moses :)

  3. That was a little scary to see the stroller alone next to Ocean. Wind could take that buggy faster than you anyone could respond. Even more scary than the street photos you sometimes see on blogs or train track photos.

  4. In case it helps, I sometimes need to take a nap with the younger two and I'm not pregnant! :) There are always seasons in this life. And also, a whole weekend?? That is one glorious gift!! ❤

  5. It’s already pretty house and tree. I bet covered in a dusting of snow breathtaking in a different way. I heard a line on a tv program today. ‘If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it.’ I love Korean dramas. Such wisdom. Maybe that line can inspire you to get through the dreary months? It’s the best use of nap time to also take a nap. God planned sleep 8-10 hours a day for adults. He seemed to design us to like sleep. Can something be bad He wanted us to spend a third of our day doing? Glad you posted Moses language has exploded!

  6. I'm so excited you're going to northern Ireland this year! I was born and brought up on the north coast of northern Ireland. It's the most beautiful place on Earth!

  7. You are traveling 7 months of 12?


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