let the whole wide earth rejoice

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to me, easter is the most important - and most worthy to be heartily celebrated - holiday of the year. i love everything about easter: springtime, cadbury mini eggs and starburst jelly beans, symbolism of new life and fresh starts, dying and decorating and hunting for eggs, and of course the opportunity to commemorate the most important event in human history - the resurrection of jesus christ. 

i feel like i’ve had some pretty epic easters in the past, and my efforts over the years to make easter-time really special have brought me real joy. this easter, I was just so tired. my body and brain, now carrying and sustaining a pretty much full-grown baby, are exhausted. and i just couldn’t muster up the energy to do many things to festively observe the holiday. i tried to take time to reflect on the events and meaning of holy week, and to teach moses about the resurrection and what it means for our family, and to gather some celebratory treats … but our easter was very simple this year.

and it its own way it was really special, as we anticipate the new life coming to our family so soon. 

first thing easter morning, ian and i sang “he is risen” to moses as he danced :) after breakfast, ian hid some plastic eggs around the house and little mo got so excited finding them in funny places. then, we went to st. james’s park for a family picnic. upon entering the park we immediately spotted the perfect spot to put down our blanket underneath a blossoming tree and next to batches of cheery daffodils. it was a typical grey london day, quite chilly!, but as we walked around the park after eating, our hearts were warm and full. the wildly peeling bells of westminster abbey filled the air and the ducks put on a show chasing after the bread we brought to feed them, and moses ran through the flowers and the puddles and after the birds just pouring out with glee. i felt a kicking full-term baby and overwhelming gratitude for the gifts of peace and hope and love that come from the living christ. 

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he is risen! he is risen! tell it out with joyful voice. 
he has burst his three-days prison! let the whole wide earth rejoice!
death is conquered, man is free. christ has won the victory. 


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  1. Do Mormons do anything special for Holy Week or on Easter Sunday? Photos are beautiful.

    1. absolutely! the resurrection of jesus is the most central facet of our faith. mormon congregations don't usually have extra formal services during holy week, but many mormon families talk about and try to commemorate the events of holy week (including palm sunday, good friday, etc) in their homes. (some congregations do host special events around easter - ours did an "easter fireside" program with music and readings.) this year easter fell on the same day as our worldwide general conference! but if it falls on a non-conference day, regular church services are focused on easter messages and usually include special musical numbers and lessons focused on the resurrection.

  2. Moses looks like a big kid in that picture with his dad and eggs. Quite grown up.

  3. Charity! I've been a long-time reader and just love everything you have to share! I wanted to send you some encouraging words as you prepare to welcome your second baby boy into the world! You are going to ROCK being a mom to two little boys! I had 3 babies in 4 years and my last two are 16 months apart- it is truly the best. Yes, hard (especially in the beginning) but so amazing. My youngest are 3 and 4 now and are the best playmates. I'm so excited for you! Sending you love and prayers for a healthy, smooth delivery- you've got this!!:) Love, melissa

    1. thank you so much!! really appreciate this kind and super encouraging comment :)


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