seventeen hours old

WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5206

these photos were taken the afternoon after gabriel was born. i am so glad we have these beautiful images of him as a brand new newborn … he has already changed so much in the last eighteen days! the sheer sweetness of the very first day of a life on earth absolutely cannot be captured … but these pictures are a worthy attempt. 

we love this little soul wildly and we are so glad that he has joined our family. 

WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5045WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5033WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5074WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5141WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5162
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5182 WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5194WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5226WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5040WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5097WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5126WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5190
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5247 WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5275
^^ having grammie here with us during and after gabriel’s birth was sublime. ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5078WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5151WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5223WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5244
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5060 WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4946WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5251WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5272WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5221WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5200WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5021
a few more of mo the bro:
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4971 WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4974
…and we’ve been working on not grabbing baby’s face every since the wright brothers first met :) >> 
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4983
my family:
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4992
!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 !!!!!!! <3<3<3


  1. So sweet! Enjoy these wonderful days.

  2. Gabriel looks like such a healthy, contented and mature newborn!


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