first trip as a family of four! {northern ireland part 1}

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last weekend we took our first trip as a family of four! we plan to continue exploring the world quite a bit with two little ones in tow, but we definitely acknowledge that the pace and dynamic and challenges and fun of our travels will and should change. we decided to start out with a relatively short trip to a relatively nearby destination with a relatively chill itinerary: we rented a cottage along the coast of northern ireland for a long weekend and had just 4-5 simple things on our list of want-to-dos. it was a good taster and a bit of good practice — our second trip as a family of four happens to be three weeks long, across an ocean, and spanning several states. eek! 

we lucked out with amazing weather on the emerald isle, and we had such a great time together. our trip was both relaxing and exhilarating, and the boys were champs. there were moments of chaos (including a moment of barf…) but there were way more moments of awesomeness. i love my travel buddies and I’m psyched about this new chapter of wright family adventures. 

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^^ moses watching the planes as we waited for boarding // gabriel’s first flight!! (on european flights they make lap infants wear these silly seat belts that hook into the adult seat belts. they always make us laugh.) ^^
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^^ two lap infants … kind of crazy! good thing the flight was only an hour long :) // gabriel’s first time in a car seat! ^^
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giant's causeway is really what brought us to northern ireland (oh, and upping ian’s country count ;) ). i've been fascinated with this place for a while, and it exceeded my (very high) expectations. it’s just so weird to me that all those hexagonal columns formed … so wild. the story goes that this place is the remains of a bridge a giant built to scotland … the science goes that this place is the remains of a prehistoric volcanic eruption.
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^^ both boys were snoozing when we first got to the causeway. can you spot mo’s head resting on his daddy’s back? ^^
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^^ when moses woke up he was ready to explore! the columns were perfectly sized stepping stones for him! ^^
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^^ one of my best nursing spots yet :) ^^
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we decided to take a little hike on the green cliffs up above the causeway. we loved the brilliant yellow flowers along the path and outrageous views along the coastline. we saw loads of sheep (to  mo’s delight) in stunningly green fields inland and the vantage point of giant’s causeway from above was soooo cool! 
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^^ ian looks awesome carrying the diaper bag on his front, and moses looks awesome shoving a snack into his mouth (kind of his m.o. these days…) ^^IMG 0548IMG 0542
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^^ these purple flowers somehow growing wildly out of solid rock were all over the places we visited in northern ireland. love them! ^^
after visiting giant’s causeway, we took the boys back to the cottage for naps and that evening we went to castlerock beach. i’m honestly not sure if i’ve ever seen moses quite as excited as he was running on that sand and dipping his toes in that water. he was freaking out. it was awesome. gabriel was cozy in the wrap and i was so happy just following ian and mo around snapping photos of them :) 
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we were stunned by natural beauty on our first day in northern ireland … but it actually just got better on days 2 and 3! 
to be continued...


  1. Mind blown. On so many levels! Glad y’all are living life to its fullest.

  2. I'm so glad you had sun. Isn't Giant's Causeway awesome?

  3. I hope i can visit this place someday! Thanks for sharing

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  4. I was in Scotland the same time as your trip and went to the island of Staffa, which is the twin to Giant's Causeway! It was really cool to see your post after having just been there and hearing the Scottish "side" of the giant story. I'm glad you enjoyed Northern Ireland.

  5. a very lovely place for a very lovely family! you all must be very happy. =)

  6. this is great! hope i could visit this place someday too,2 thumbs up for sharing!:)


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