a second birthday party for moses!

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on saturday we had a birthday party for little mo with a bunch of our londoner friends! moses doesn't turn two until 9 july, but we wanted to celebrate with pals here before we leave for the usa next week.

we shared ice lollies, lots of sunshine, a herd of balloon animals, and a piñata with dear friends in our garden. we were bummed that many of those we invited couldn't make it, but it was a fun and lively afternoon and we loved seeing moses surrounded in many good, good people that we are so grateful to have in our lives. (a london party with a pinata and ice cream has become a tradition for moses's birthday - here's a post from last year!

it was kind of crazy chasing kids, catching up with different friends, and letting people in and out of the gate with our one set of keys, so i didn't get many pictures. but i always want to remember how excited moses was to giggle, run, play and enjoy ice cream with his pals (both kids and adults!). it was a wonderful celebration.

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^^ we have been working so hard trying to teach moses about being gentle, so it was maybe a bit confusing when we told him to hit the piñata as hard as he could, haha! he decided to hold on to it to keep it from swinging so he could whack it more efficiently ;) all the kids got a turn hitting the piñata, but they didn't make a dent so we let adults take some turns too. ^^
IMG 1104 IMG 1107
^^ this is mo's annoyed face when i ask him to look at me for a photo of him devouring an ice cream cone :) and we love our little pal jonas! ^^
IMG 1097

the celebrations will continue with family in the state around moses's actual big day! i can't believe it's been nearly two years with our little mo. we love him like crazy.


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