final stop: pont du gard

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from verdon gorge, we drove through the lush fields of provence. and decided we simply must return some day when the lavender and sunflowers are in full bloom. we saw miles upon miles upon miles of lavender and sunflower fields - it was seriously mind-blowing. we also cruised past vineyards, drove through beech tree tunnels, and saw acre after acre of pear orchards. that part of the earth is so incredibly fertile and luxuriant!

we slept overnight in another tiny village, and the next morning headed to our final road trip destination: pont du gard. this three-tier, amazingly well-preserved roman aqueduct was built around 20 bc! wow. this was one thing in the south of france that ian really wanted to see, and i was just along for the ride ... until i got there and was pretty blown away. we got to the site early enough to be the only people on the pebbly beach on one side of the aqueduct and we had a great time just admiring the magnificent structure and wading in the water. we were planning to swim, but just didn't have the energy to change into swimsuits and dry off and etc. so moses may or may not have had a little splash in the water completely naked ;)

pont du gard was the perfect cherry on the top of our epic road trip!

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^^ the only picture i got among miles and miles and miles of vineyards, orchards, and flower fields. ^^
IMG 2158
^^ our airbnb was on this quaint street. ^^
IMG 2146 IMG 2148
^^ pretty water fountains and pretty ivy-covered buildings - two things that are all over the south of france. ^^
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^^ i felt bad that at the end of the trip we had hardly any pictures of gabriel in all the cool places we visited! so we did a little gabe-at-pont-du-gard photo shoot ;) ^^
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we drove from pont du gard back to barcelona airport. phew! it was certainly a memorable two weeks. i love my travel buddies and i love this amazing earth we live on. so glad to have opportunities to explore.


  1. This trip looks just magical! To be honest, I've always heard of people talking about "the south of France" and how amazing it was and never understood the appeal. You could be a publicist for this area- I want to go so much now! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the logistics of travel with two kids and what worked and what didn't. We love traveling with our kids (ages 1, 5, and 7) but it's definitely been a learning experience as we go to figure out what works best so that we all have a great time!

  2. There is beauty all around! Hugs!


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