a day trip to chatsworth house

IMG 9654

a couple of saturdays ago we did something a little crazy.

we visited chatsworth house, about 150 miles north of london in the peak district, as a day trip. we definitely spent more time traveling there and back (via tube, train and car) than we did actually being there -- but it was a fun adventure that we totally declared worth it.

we all four really loved chatsworth house - so much so that we are hoping to go back (and stay overnight that time! :) ) in the coming months. the house and gardens are stunning, but the real draw for us wrights is the incredible petting zoo and playground. moses had suuuch a blast seeing animals, climbing, playing and exploring there. and so the rest of us had a great time too.

on this day i just kept thinking to myself, "i love england so much." soooo much!

IMG 6555 IMG 6559
^^ holding a guinea pig! very exciting stuff. ^^
IMG 6770 IMG 6771
^^ i didn't get any pictures of the other animals (donkeys, ponies, goats, bunnies, etc etc), but ian snapped these of the pigs. i have never seen a bigger pig in my life! fourteen new piglets! ^^
IMG 6769
IMG 6562 IMG 6565
^^ this was honestly the coolest playground i have ever been to (and we've been to a few pretty awesome ones in europe!). there was a big enclosed trampoline, places where you could pipe water up from the stream and send it through all kinds of obstacles, rope bridges a couple stories high, and a half a dozen slides. ^^
IMG 9602 IMG 9608 001
^^ the beginnings of autumn around the chatsworth house gardens. so beautiful. ^^
IMG 9644
^^ the maze! and how about that english countryside? ^^
IMG 9625IMG 9622
IMG 9615 IMG 9629
the flower garden around the maze was my favourite spot we visited on this epic saturday. it was full of dahlias, which are one of my deepest loves, and it was just sensational.
IMG 9632
IMG 9633 IMG 9640
IMG 9694
^^ you can't really tell from this picture, but this is the parking lot of chatsworth house (as we left as the grounds were closing for the day). so many sheep! in such an idyllic setting! ^^
IMG 9656IMG 9662
IMG 9685 IMG 9692
IMG 9679 IMG 9681IMG 9690
^^ by far our favourite room in the house was this amazing library. ^^
IMG 9695IMG 9636IMG 9696IMG 9705
^^ family self-timer photo (with really bad lighting) after i nursed gabriel under a tree with this pretty view of chatsworth house! ^^
IMG 9716 IMG 9721
^^ again, bad lighting, but i love how these photos show off gabriel's dimples! ^^
IMG 9727IMG 9666

it was a long but wonderful day!


  1. Beautifully captured day, Charity.

  2. Gorgeous! Love all your adventures.

  3. I absolutely love "living" in England through you. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  4. That picture of the sheep is seriously MONEY. Great shot!

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  6. I dont kmow if you will see this, but Happy Anniversary on Oct. 9th! (My birthday so easy to remember your annniversary) Have a great day!
    Jamie Noto

  7. Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary to you & Ian. x

    Have a great year.

  8. I promise I'm not a creepy stalker, but just wanted to share this with you! :)
    For whatever reason I happened to read a blog post of your sister Saydi's, from 2012, when her family lived in the UK.
    You left a sweet comment and said: "you've always lived my dream life 10 years ahead. i think i'll keep copying you. love you."

    Isn't it pretty wonderful how life works? Look at you know! :)
    Here's the blog post: http://bostonshumways.blogspot.com/2012/05/our-life-here-london-snapshot.html

    Anyways. Enjoy your adventures and your family. All the best! xx

  9. Fabulous photography Charity! I looked up Saydi's blog post, thanks to Anonymous. So great to see! We have a lot of England lovers in Eyrealm but these two may take the cake! haha!


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