into the sea caves!

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on our last morning in portugal, we took an little boat tour through some sea caves and it was crazy cool. we were blown away by unique natural beauty and also truly stunned by our boat going inside some wildly small openings in the cliffs! the colour of the water in the algarve is pretty mind-blowing, and the rock formations are amazing. the boys were great on the thirty-minute ride, and it was the perfect cherry on top of our portugal beach vacation.

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^^ the most famous of the algarve's sea caves, benagil cave. totally incredible. ^^
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^^ we approached this opening in the rock and as we got closer and closer we said to each other, "wait, we're not actually going in there, right???" we had to sink low and hunch over to prevent banging our heads! there were 3-4 times this happened, it was wild! ^^
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^^ i really can't believe the colour of this water is real! ^^
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we stopped by the town of albufeira on our way to the airport, and that made me wish we had more time in the algarve - so many cool spots to explore. i do think we need to go back to see a bit more beauty, and next time we'll do better at not vomiting, i hope ;)

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^^ moses adored this random play car in albufeira, got one last run on a beach, and was a total champ transferring from the buggy to the airplane during his nap. ^^

see you again, algarve!


  1. A few years ago, my husband and I spend a week at the Algarve. A boat trip to the caves was meant to be the highlight. We waited the whole week and I was so excited and "dripping with passion" and felt like you (I was "fangirling" so much, I'm glad for the anonymity of the internet! ;-) ).
    So the minute our boat left the port, I was sea sick and it didn't end until I vomited and we had returned. I did not care for caves at all.

  2. This looks so beautiful! Algarve has been on my list of must-do's for a long time. I'm happy you could escape to so much beauty.


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