hey, 2019!

all of a sudden, it's an entire new year! 

the past few weeks have been super crazy, and i have so much to catch up on here on my blog. but today i decided i need to stop and take some time to reflect on the year passed and the year ahead. i always feel really grateful for new beginnings, and january is always a fantastic opportunity to practice improving.

here's a few things i hope for in two thousand nineteen:

-my "word" for the year is easy. i want to focus on being more easy-going, being easy to be married to and friends with, and just approaching things with an attitude of easy rather than hard. i'll probably blog more about this another time :) 
-start every single day with a prayer. before anything else. 
-read ten books. i think making time for reading, which i've been sooo bad at the past few years, will improve my life in several different ways. 
-run the stockholm marathon (i really just want to finish, but i'd be super pumped if i ran it in less than four hours). 
-rebrand my blog!
-actively work to deepen friendships and to consistently serve others in a meaningful way. i plan to check in on this at the end of each week. 
-strict adherence to this new policy: no phones in the bedroom. this will help me begin and end each day away from a screen! i also recently installed a little bracket that holds my phone right by our front door, and i want to leave it in there at pretty much all times. 
-spend one nap time per week working on making family photo books. this was a christmas gift i gave to ian. 

i'm looking forward to this bright new year with fond anticipation like the woman in the painting above ... and anticipate 2019 will look a lot like the painting below (but with little boys instead of little girls!).
(artwork by caitlin connolly. every single time i visit her website i am seriously so moved by her work.)

i feel so very blessed looking back at 2018, and so very excited looking forward to 2019. i'm glad i get to share every year with these three beloved boys:

happy new year!


  1. Hi Charity, happy 2019 for you and your family!
    I'm sorry to ask you this here, but I didn't know how to contact you otherwise. When would you recommend a short trip to London if you had to choose between mid-August and early November? And, if possible, could you also tell me why? We're trying to plan our holidays for 2019 and I'd love some tips. Thanks in advance.

    1. hi there! don't apologize, i am always happy to answer questions in the comments section. i would say early november. less tourists/crowds, probably not too cold yet (you may hit a weird heat wave in august, and in a city not at all equipped for heat, it's kind of miserable), christmas decorations will be up, and the foliage will be beautiful!

  2. I love the idea of the bracket on the wall. I explained that I wanted something similar to my husband and he said, "So what your saying is....you want a cell phone, but you want it to be wall mounted....would you like it on a curly cord too?" :) I love that you are honest with how you are trying to live in balance with technology. I keep giving myself rules to abide and then I find ways to break them. (Darn it!) Happy New Year!

    1. ha! a curly cord would be awesome. i do take the phone out when i leave the flat ;)

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