baby hungry

lately i have been feeling especially baby hungry.

every time i see a baby i just want to scoop it up and snuggle.

i miss my nieces and nephews, particularly baby zara -->

on monday i got a bit of a baby fix by visiting my cousins ben and ashley and cuddling up their baby clara.

i profoundly crave something about that straight-from-heaven goodness.

i love babies.

i want one.  


  1. Then tell "the boy" that if he likes it he better put a ring on it! Then have lots and lots of babies!!! :)

  2. To be honest, I am not sure I have ever commented, but I am a fan of yours! I feel like I am watching my life over again...I, too, traveled the world and taught and experienced life to its fullest while I was single - which was wonderful; however, I always felt that I just wanted to be a momma! I wanted/needed babies! I wanted to be married, but more than that I wanted to be a mother. And it just wasn't happening in a manner of time that I wanted. I even moved to the Bay Area when I was 29 (I figured I may as well)! Anyway, I digress: my point being that I did end up meeting the perfect compliment to me and we were married when I was just over 31! I knew that I wanted a large family, but as I got married later that wouldn't be possible; however, I've been blessed with 4 little babies in 4.5 years and my life is full! I often find that I don't struggle with "motherhood being so hard" (as much as my younger friends) because I think I wanted this for so long...if that makes any sense?! Anyway, Hang in there! You'll have babies of your very own to just eat up and snuggle!!

  3. Love this photo of you! Gorgeous!

  4. time to bust out the ole "being along but not being lonely" article

  5. The best things come to those who wait.

    I got married late, it took me a long time to get pregnant but I now have BEST kids and husband ever.

    It will come and when it does, it will be THE best!

  6. come. to. vegas.

    baby girl wants to meet you!!


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