one day in hong kong


we passed through hong kong on our way from new zealand to china. i visited hong kong a few years ago and totally fell for it, and i was excited to experience it with the boy! we had just about twenty hours there, and mostly they were very foggy and humid, but we had a great, full day. hong kong is such a neat mash-up to me – a really cool metropolis.

^^ we started off our day by riding the tram to central. i love those skinny little trams! ^^
^^ i love happening upon a bustling wet market! ^^
IMG_5770 IMG_5806IMG_5771
^^ and i love that there is an escalator up the hill in the center of the city!

we went to the temple – such a wonderful haven of peace in the midst of a buzzing city. i love this place so much.

riding the star ferry through the fog across victoria harbor!

we went to a recommended dim sum restaurant in central. enjoyed the experience much more than the food :)
IMG_5795 IMG_5796IMG_5799 IMG_5816 IMG_5819
^^ man mo temple is so atmospheric. i love the spirals of incense and bright red prayer hangings. ^^

we went to victoria peak hoping to catch some clear views around sunset. it was prettttty hazy and very crowded (i felt so lucky that the last time i was in hong kong it was so clear and empty at the peak!). we tired many, many times to get a great photo with our gopro. i couldn’t help but share several of our attempts.
we watched the light show from the promenade on the kowloon side of the harbor. we were exhausted but still taken by the incredible skyline, accented by the bright red sailed junk boats.
^^ along the journey back to our hostel. we may or may not have eaten pizza hut for dinner. sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. ^^

hong kong is pretty rad and was a good first stop before hitting mainland china!


  1. Love HK.
    Keep on keepin on.....and post more!

  2. Actually Hong Kong looked crystal clear compared to several times we've been there when you could barely see your hand in front of your face!

    You both look radiant. You don't show tired very well! Thanks for all the fabulous shots! Love and miss you both!


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