the mo turns two!

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we commemorated moses’s second birthday in two parts: first in utah valley with some family members from the wright side the day before his birthday, and then at bear lake with a bunch of eyre family members on his very birthday!

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our beloved little boy was heartily celebrated! gosh, we adore this kid. i can’t believe how much joy he has brought to this world in just two years!
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^^ opening presents from grandma and grandpa wright! ^^
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^^ meanwhile, gabriel was getting acquainted with uncle taylor :) ^^
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^^ grandma wright made this awesome birthday cake for moses. clearly he couldn’t take his eyes off it when he first saw it!! ^^
(grandma wright made little mo’s first birthday cake last year, too - you can see it here)
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^^ on his actual birthday, moses got in a great nap during our drive to bear lake. when we arrived, he was thrilled to play with cousins and dogs! i don’t think i’ve ever seen him giggle so hard as he was while playing with cousin dean and puppy scout! ^^
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^^ the birthday boy opened presents in the middle of a big puddle of cousins, who were all so excited for him! ^^
IMG 3883
^^ giving grammie a thank you hug for her gift! ^^
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^^ mo’s first present from mom and dad was a helmet … and the second was a scooter!!!! >>
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^^ he immediately started scooting around the house, laser focused on his new awesome mode of transportation! ^^
it seems like every kid in london has one of these little scooters. mo has been fascinated by kids on them for months and we’ve talked about how maybe, one day, moses would have a scooter of his own. he was ecstatic to get one for his birthday, and the excitement hasn’t worn off at all!
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^^ birthday dinner with cousins. living his best life. ^^
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^^ definitely couldn’t be bothered to stop eating cake for a picture! :) ^^
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i sincerely believe that moses is the cutest, sweetest, most awesome two year old on planet earth. i’m soooo lucky and glad to be his mom — and watching him grow up just gets better and sweeter!