more babies

when my brother and his wife came to visit in june, they came with a big surprise. as we picniced on the stanford oval lawn, eli handed me a book and told me to open it up. inside was a little black and white picture that made me gasp.


the ultrasound had a speech bubble that said “hi chichi! i hear you are going to be my favorite aunt!” i can’t believe it - the youngest of my brothers is going to be a dad! we just found out that this eyre grandchild number 24, coming at christmastime, is a baby girl.

my childhood best friend and one of my closest pals from high school are both due to give birth in october. babies galore! there’s nothing like meeting the offspring of siblings and dearest friends. i can’t wait to snuggle them all up. hopefully that sweetness will help hold me over until – oh! – i can snuggle up one of my own.


  1. wow chichi is one of my nickname too! congrats to being an aunt again!

  2. What great news for them! How exciting. I loved your post on motherhood, by the way, it was just lovely.


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