pretty rockin’ new years eve


to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday and the last day of the year, we went bowling at a swanky new place near my parents’ house. it was so fun to be with this whole clan. i love them.

in the last hours of 2011, those left at my parents’ house started getting a little droopy and tired, and even though i felt quite dreadful, i whipped up some new year’s eve activities and got us celebrating. i can’t let a holiday pass me by! i made everyone write down their top 20 from 2011 and their top 10 for 2012.


we had a little dance party (here’s a snippet: dad: oooh, i like her voice, who is this girl? me: dad, it’s justin beiber!) and then settled down by the fire to share our lists. the best part was hearing what 6-year-old mckay loved best about his year. just so i’ll remember all the goodness of two thousand eleven (and everything i want out of two thousand twelve), here’s my lists:

top 20 from 2011 top 10 for 2012
kissing a stranger husband
job offer triumph china
hawaii career
looslis/shumways/pothiers in sf eyrealm christmas
early morning ireland drive parties/cooking/baking
edinburgh military tattoo fitness
little girl in polochic surprise
atitlan self-discipline (time)
biking london have less fun
temple with diane pray always
dollhouse parties  
nauvoo sparkling  
marin headlands  
sara’s visit/last night/wedding  
train adventure  
batter bubble  
disneyland with mckay  
o canada in the middle of lake louise  
listening to latika’s theme overlooking san fran  

IMG_0819IMG_0832 IMG_0834

we finished just in time to pour the bubbly and get out the party poppers to ring in the new year. as soon as 12:01 rolled around, we all looked at each other and said, “can we go to bed now?!” i missed a stellar party with friends because i felt too sick to leave home, but i sure did have a great time in my pjs keeping my family awake. and i got my new year’s kiss!



  1. Happy New Year Charity! so happy the Boris bikes made it on to your list! you have had quite the spectacular year! I saw Saydi is moving to London for a while! how fun is that! Good luck with your new job and hope the new area you live in will bring you as much happiness as San Fran did! xxx

  2. How FUN to see this! I missed the Justin Bieber incident. LOL! Hope you don't mind if I use some of your pics for the Eyrealm blog!


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